Mediation bombay

Bombay, the city which boasts of having the richest legal history in the country, had witnessed its first Mediation Competition of National proportions last year. MNLU Mumbai is back with a bang and presents to you Mediation Bombay 2.0. We are confident that we will take this legacy ahead.Mediation Bombay 2.0 promises to be an event that will change the way the future generation of lawyers view mediation. Since the past six years, MNLU Mumbai has achieved a lot, both at the national and the international stage. On the back of these prosperous years for the University, the stage is set for us to once again take another step towards delivering the best Mediation competition. Mediation Bombay is designed to be the premier platform for students to showcase their mediation and negotiation skills.

In October 2019, MNLU Mumbai hosted a National Mediation Competition, the first edition of 'Mediation Bombay'.We achieved its aim of hosting the best law Universities from across the country. This year we plan to expand this competition further by taking it across the continent. We chose the name "Meditation Bombay" because even though Mumbai is a city, Bombay is an emotion. It is this emotion that we want to tap into. The excitement of industry, the sentiment of collaboration and compromise, the feelingof 'never say die' attitude of every person who has ever lived in this glorious city. It is the culmination of all these sentiments that has resulted in the constant development we are so proud of and has contributed to Bombay's rise as the financial capital of India.

Our aim is to foster the growth of ADR practices in India and to impact the quality of these practices. As a young lawyer, one is seldom exposed to an accomodating attitude towards mediations. In cases when they are, it's often treated as an option that is mentioned for the sake of formality. In Mediation Bombay the idea is to change this notion and the manner in which students percieve Mediation. In this competition we want to highlight that speaking up is not interfering, that sharing an opion as regards to process is not a reflection of bias and that a mediator's role is more than just that of a playback recorder or an aid to a blackboard. In addition to this, the goal is to encourage negotiators to think out of the box. Our problems are set to include various interwoven themes and sub-themes in a bid to challenge the contestants to venture far past their comfort zone. Needless to say, this is going to be a challanging task, but one that promises many benefits. From winning national and international competitions, organising workshops with global ADR Experts to establishing India's first Centre for research on Mediation, Centre for Mediation and Research (CMR), we have done it all.

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